Project Description


Empire clock triumphal chariot – France year 1810
Type: Triumphal chariot
High: 42 cm
Wide: 49 cm
Deep: 15,5 cm
Unique beautiful triumphal chariot with delicate bronze finishings and with perfect gilding.
The horses are patined and have enamel eyes.
It is an 8 days silk suspension clock, rack striking the full hours and half hours, by striking on a small silver bell.
The clockwork is completely open, this is very rare.
Signature: Paul Brunet à Paris. Information is to be found in the book: “Dictionnire des horlogers français” by Tardy, page 101.
Depiction of this clock is to be found in the book: “La pendule Française” by Pierre Kjellberg.

askin price € 27.500,